What You Should Know About Builders Risk Insurance

Oct 26

builders insuranceBuilders risk insurance is a form of legal and financial protection during a building construction when damage could occur. Homeowners don’t need this type of protection, but an investor who pays for a construction project does. An individual, company or organization who invests in a building’s renovation or construction is covered. There are different reasons why builders risk insurance is necessary.

Reasons for Coverage

Builders risk insurance Florida services are needed to prevent the financial ruin of investors. An investor could be a contractor, builder or property owner who takes on the risks of constructing or renovating complex buildings. They are covered for thousands of dollars of damages that are caused unintentionally.

Types of Coverage

The types of damages covered include theft, fire, vandalism and vehicle collision. Natural disasters like floods and earthquakes are not covered, and neither are workplace injuries and accidents. The coverage limit is the estimated total cost of the project. The location, the amount of deductible, length of project and types of construction materials affect the final cost. When the project is completed, the coverage ends and then the building owner obtains commercial property insurance.

Types of Risk Insurance

All risks coverage includes the building under construction and any property stored off site. This open policy may include coverage for floods and earthquakes along with rent losses and business interruptions. There is additional coverage for the costs of supplies and equipment that are being installed on site.

Builders risk insurance as offered by Hallandale Florida Insurance Groups is designed to cover the costs of different perils that cannot be prevented. Plenty of builders risk insurance Florida providers are available, and finding the right one is a challenge. Riemer Insurance Group helps guide you through the process of finding a risk insurance policy. Complete a quote form online and see how much you are covered.



The Importance of Developers Insurance

Oct 26

developers insuranceDeveloper’s Insurance and Riemer Insurance Group

Developers insurance is purchased by an owner of a general contractor of a development project on behalf of the contractors, subcontractors and engineers. This specific insurance is important to have because it provides protection to the customers who purchase it. Developers insurance covers equipment, computers and other commercial property in case of property loss. It covers an assortment of things; Whereas, other commercial insurances cover things specifically relating to each other. It also covers your building when an employee of your company causes any kind of harm to someone else. This harm must be unintentional harm or a result of negligent work practices. When searching for this type of insurance, decide how much coverage you need, compare deductibles, ask about discounts or special offers and read your policy carefully.

Riemer Insurance Group is one of Florida’s leading insurance agencies and can provide an agent to every customer to help them with their insurance needs.  Hallandale Insurance Group treat each client like family and understand how important it is to make their customers a top priority. They offer an assortment of insurance lines and are willing to decide which insurance is best for their client’s specific needs. According to the president, Stephen L. Riemer, of the company, they offer competitive pricing and responsive service to the clients that they serve and their experienced and leading professionals will make sure your goals are clear in order to create an insurance program that meets your needs respectively. The professionals also feel that it is important to go the extra mile to make sure that each client is taken care of. The Riemer Insurance Group’s website provides information about the company, the products and also provides a “contact us” tab to ensure that the professionals are readily able and willing to assist you in any way.


What Does Builders Risk Insurance Cover?

Sep 28

 Builders Risk InsuranceBuilders risk insurance is a type of property insurance that covers buildings that are being constructed. This form of insurance is a necessity because there are many things that can happen while a building is being constructed. Buildings can be damaged by natural disasters or catching fire.

Builders risk insurance covers things such as theft, fire, vandalism and wind damage. The property owner, the general contractor or custom builder may purchase the insurance. When considering insurance, it is important to know what types of Builders Risk Insurance Florida has to offer. Reimer insurance group can help you find the right insurance policy for you.

Things to Consider When Buying Florida Builders Risk Insurance:

Covered Property

You will need a policy that covers both new construction and existing structures. You will also need to make sure that the site preparation, underground pipes and excavations are covered. The contractor’s equipment and tools should also be covered.

Workers Insured

You will need to consider who will be covered by the insurance policy. Many construction documents require that the general contractors and owners be on the same policy. It is also important to note that some policies may not cover certain suppliers.

Insured Locations

Your policy should not only cover what is on the construction site, but it should also cover tools and equipment that is in transit. Additionally, your policy should cover supplies that are being produced in the plant.

Call Us Today

It can be difficult for you to find the right FL builders risk insurance policy for your situation. Fortunately, Riemer Insurance Group can help you find a policy that best fits your needs. They will answer any questions that you have about your insurance policy and make sure that your policy fits your budget.

We understand that everyone’s needs are different. That is why we will help you explore the different options that you have.

5 Things to Consider When Looking for Real Estate Insurance

Sep 17

real estate insurnaceReal estate is a very valuable asset that needs to be properly protected. One thing that you will need to make sure that your home is property protected is homeowners insurance. When looking for homeowner s insurance Florida residents need to take several factors into consideration.

Property Value
The most important factor to consider is your property value. You will want to make sure that you have coverage in place that will replace the value of your property.

Flood Coverage

Depending on where you live, you may need to get additional flood insurance. Many people in Florida live in flood zones that will be required if you have a FHA-guaranteed mortgage. If you live in flood zone, your regular policy may not cover flood damage and the additional coverage will be a necessity.

Personal Property

Your home insurance policy should also provide coverage for your personal property. This can include providing you with coverage for your furniture, electronics, and other items. This will ensure you have coverage to replace these items if they are damaged.

Riders for Individual Items
If you own expensive jewelry or collectibles, they likely won’t be covered by your base policy. Instead, you will need to get a rider on your policy. This will cover any type of expense you incur, including loss or theft.

When you get a property insurance policy, it will also provide you with personal liability protection. This can prove to be very beneficial in the event of an accident. It is important that you consider your individual risk factors when choosing a liability protection level.

When you are in need of property insurance Hallandale residents should reach out to the Riemer Insurance Group. When you speak with this company, they will help you to better understand your home owners insurance needs. They will then help you get into a policy that provides you with the right protection.


What you Should Know about Jeweler’s Block Insurance

Aug 27

jewelersWhat Is Jeweler’s Block Insurance?

It is very similar to homeowners or auto insurance. It provides compensation to retail stores and manufacturers who have had their diamonds damaged, lost, or stolen. Block insurance covers everything from precious gems to metals. It has also been called “Floater Policy” and Florida Commercial Insurance by some customers.

How much coverage do you need for it to matter?

That depends on the situation and the type of jewelry covered. Stores that sell beaded jewelry do not normally get this insurance. It is for those who sell high-end jewelry.

Customers generally do not cover 100%. They mostly cover 80% of their purchase. The fine print is very complicated, more so than auto or homeowners insurance. You can be denied a claim when you overlook an important detail. We encourage customers to read everything in the Jeweler’s Block Insurance contract.

What does it cover?

1) It covers everything in your inventory.
2) Any theft with certified mail.
3) It covers any damages while it is in your possession, including repairs.
4) It covers burglary in your store or during tradeshows.

How does it work?

It can help you recover lost or damaged merchandise from those who “smash and grab” and anything in between. It can provide compensation during a natural disaster, including a fire or storm.

The Premiums

1) The deductible is what you pay before your insurance takes over. There are different deductibles you can pick, including $10,000. You pay the first $10,000 and then the insurance covers everything after that.

2) There is something called “the limit.” That is the most your insurer is going to pay you. Say you have a $700,000 limit. The insurance might only pay $100,000 of that. You are responsible for the rest.

3) Premiums are based on your location and the value of your inventory. More value equals a higher premium.

Hallandale Florida Commercial Insurance

Riemer Insurance has been underwriting Jeweler’s Block Insurance for more than 30 years. They have served customers in-person and online. They provide products and services for everyone from private businesses to individual wholesale retailers. Contact them below to find out more information. You can also fill out the form online and someone will respond ASAP.


When do you Need Professional Liability Coverage?

Aug 13

professionalBusiness owners and certain professionals run a higher risk of being sued for liability. For those that believe that they are in risk of being sued for liability, one of the best things that they could do would be to get professional liability coverage. This will provide a variety of liability coverage benefits to ensure you are properly protected. There are certain situations in particular when you need to have professional liability coverage.

Selling a Product

One situation when you definitely need to have liability coverage insurance is when you sell a product that is used by consumers. Whether you produce something that is used for athletic performance, consumed as a food or drink, or used by consumer in any other manner, you need to make sure that you are properly protected. Even if you have gone through all possible levels of testing and compliance, there is always a risk that someone could be injured when using your product. When you have a professional liability insurance policy in place, you will have the coverage you need to ensure you are protected if you are sued for liability.

At Risk Professionals

Another situation in which you want to have professional liability insurance in place is if you are a professional that is generally at risk for liability lawsuits. Today, there are a wide variety of different types of owls that are at risk. Those that are in the medical field, the field of law, and a variety of other professional areas could be sued for liability at any given time. Because of this, these professionals need to make sure that they are properly protected. Having professional liability insurance coverage will provide the insurance protection that they need.

If you are in need of commercial insurance in Florida, you should reach out to Hallandale Florida Commercial Insurance. When you meet with the team at Hallandale Florida Commercial Insurance, you can be assured that you are speaking with experienced Florida commercial insurance professionals. The team will be able to ensure that you are able to better understand your professional liability needs and will help you get into the right policy to provide you with insurance protection.


Common Questions about Art Insurance

Jul 27
art insuranceStore owners have to insure their property and merchandise. Art owners have to do the same. They include art dealers, museum owners, art gallery managers and artists themselves. You may know how to maintain artwork but not know about insuring it or even know if it’s necessary. Review a few, common questions that people ask about fine arts insurance.

Why is it good to have insurance protect your artwork?

Artwork, jewelry and antiques tend to be in the expensive to very expensive price range. Some museums contain artwork that’s valued at tens of thousands of dollars on average. Art owners can make twice the amount of money that they invest in artwork, but they have twice the risk of getting robbed and losing a fortune.

Art insurance ensures that costly investments are protected. Some thieves prefer to target museums like others prefer to target banks. Most buildings are protected by security guards during the day and alarm security systems at night. The most valuable artwork pieces are protected behind shatterproof glass cases. However, art theft still occurs when there are one or more loopholes in the security system.

What kinds of coverage are available?

The types of coverage for fine arts insurance are similar to those for home, life or auto insurance. Your artwork is covered by manmade events, such as theft, vandalism and fire, and natural disasters like flooding or wind damage. Every policy has exclusions that do not provide coverage, such as police or government seizures, fraudulent events or accidental damages caused by you or someone else.

In case of a theft, the insurance company covers all or part of the artwork’s value. It’s the art owner’s responsibility to figure out the value of their possessions. The step after that is to choose the right policy and obtain the right amount of insurance coverage.

There are insurance coverage options for every expensive investment that people make. Riemer Insurance provides a variety of Florida commercial insurance options, including policies that protect your artwork, whether you own paintings or sculptures. Contact a representative to learn more about what we cover and how our services are beneficial to you.

What Does Contractor Insurance Cover?

Jul 20
contractor insuranceBeing a contractor is hard, satisfying work, but it can also be a dangerous job. Contractors, especially ones with employees, make it a priority to ensure themselves and their business. Some contractors are not allowed to pick up projects without Florida commercial insurance. Not only will insurance make you appear to be thorough and professional, but it will also help you protect the business you have worked to build.

One problem many contractors face, though is finding an insurance policy that covers their needs either as a whole or on a per contract basis. If you are a contractor in Florida and are having a hard time finding the proper Florida commercial insurance, read ahead to see some common policy features to look out for.

  • Contractors Equipment Floater- This policy insures loss or damage to your tools and equipment that can be moved from one location to another.
  • Monoline General Liability– This policy is stand alone liability insurance without the “bells and whistles.” It is general liability to protect your business if something goes wrong and it is your fault.
  • Monoline Property Insurance – This policy is standalone to protect any property you may damage while working.
  • Group Health Life Disability– This policy covers life insurance, health insurance, and disability insurance for you and your employees.
  • Key Man Insurance– This life insurance policy is to cover a “key” person in your business. Usually this policy is reserved for parties that hold weighty financial responsibility in the company and individuals that have specialized skills that make them hard to replace.
  • Automobile Insurance– This coverage is for the normal vehicles used solely for business purposes. Think of pickup trucks and company cars.
  • Builders Risk– This policy insures the building materials you have purchased and stored on site.

No matter what, it is vital to have an ongoing relationship with insurance professionals to help you insure your company as it grows and changes. Riemer Insurance Group specializes in commercial insurance in Florida and can help you find the perfect coverage to protect your construction company.

Is Hurricane property damage covered by my homeowner’s insurance?

Jun 27

hurricane damageOne of the more common causes of widespread home damage in Florida is hurricanes. Even a low-level hurricane or a tropical storm can cause terrible destruction and damage to homes. Florida residents often take substantial precautions to reduce the impact of these storms on their homes, but some damage may still occur. You may be wondering if a Florida homeowner s insurance policy will cover hurricane damage or if a separate type of coverage is needed. At Riemer Insurance Group, we can help you to keep your home comprehensively covered so that your out-of-pocket expenses after a hurricane are limited.

A typical homeowner’s insurance policy usually includes coverage for wind and hail damage. These are some of the primary perils associated with damage to Florida homes during a tropical storm or a hurricane. However, specific coverage for all damage related to a hurricane as a named peril is not usually included. This means that all damage to your home that is caused by a hurricane may not be covered. Most homeowners need to contact Hallandale Florida Insurance Groups for specific benefits related to flooding. Because hurricanes and tropical storms can bring torrential rains, flooding is a common occurrence with hurricanes. When flooding is not promptly addressed, there is also a possibility for mold growth to occur. Both flood insurance and mold coverage must be added to your policy separately and are not included with a typical Florida homeowner s insurance policy. Be aware that your lender may require one or both of these coverages to be added as part of their lending requirements.

Riemer Insurance Group is part of the Hallandale Florida Insurance Groups, and we are available to help you set up the right coverage for your needs. We can provide you with coverage that meets your mortgage company’s insurance requirements, and we can also help you to learn about any additional coverage types that may benefit you. Through our efforts, you can rest assured that we can help you to protect your home against all types of hurricane-related damages as well as other perils that may affect it over the years.

Boating Accident Damage – Who Is Liable?

May 27
Contact Riemer Insurance Group To Learn About Boat Insurance

boating accidentIf you live in Florida, then you need to learn more about the Hallandale Florida insurance groups that offer insurance for boat owners. To use the waterways in this state, you must have a permit that is similar to a driver’s license. When a law official requests your permit while you are using a boat, you will also need to have your photograph identification.

Pass a Boat Safety Course

When you have a boat that has a motor, you must pass a boat safety course. It is essential to have liability coverage to pay for the damages caused to property such as a dock or building, and you should also have liability coverage for personal injuries of other boat operators and passengers. While Florida doesn’t make boat insurance mandatory, without it, you can have a huge financial burden after an accident occurs.

Call Law Officials After an Accident

If you are involved in an accident while operating a boat, then you must notify the local law officials so that they can collect statements. When someone is injured, make sure to contact paramedics for assistance. After the injured individuals are transported to a hospital’s emergency room, you may need to contact an attorney for help.

Keep Your Insurance Policy With You While Boating

The law officials will want to know more about your insurance coverage so that the individuals who are injured can receive financial reimbursement for their medical bills. Your insurance will also pay for the damages to other property that is located in the water or on the land. When you don’t have boating insurance, the injured individual or a property owner can sue you for damages.

Protect Your Finances With a Boat Insurance Policy

At Riemer Insurance Group, we can discuss your particular requirements for boat insurance so that you can pay for the damages and injuries that might occur. An agent will analyze your insurance needs by learning what type of boat you own and where you use it the most. Protect your finances by calling us today.